Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall Highlights

Fall my Favorite time of the's magical time when the leaves and our landscape is a bounty full of colour and beauty...A time when the nip in the air thrills us as we add layers and textures to our style and life...A time when hearty meals and hot drinks are just the norm....long walks in the woods with quickness in our step...... and learn once again to embrace our rustic ethic's  back into our life

One of the great thrills is looking for great items that symbolize the look & textures of fall for the shop....tonight will start with outer layer and work our way inwards....from woolen sweaters, leather jackets, tartan capes, to just some really great staples to set the wardrobe off a fall running.....

So no matter what your pleasure maybe a great jacket is the first peek into the layers within!!!!